Lilia, the Mind and Heart behind mi Mundo Mexicano              
We work hand in hand with Mexican artisans from all regions of Mexico. Mi Mundo Mexicano is a store where Artisans from ancient cultures find a safe and fair way to sell their creations. We offer a channel built over time, where we have been able to overcome geographical and communication barriers.
Mi Mundo Mexicano recognize quality at first sight, everything you find in our store is handmade by artisans who have dedicated their lives to mastering techniques taught by their parents. Every item that you find in our store is full of history and love.
Mi mundo Mexicano with an artisan
 Every artisan or small collective who contributes to the shop is named and properly credited. We have a direct and close relationship with the artisans, whose products are sold in this store. 

What We Search for?

Promote a direct channel where culture and fashion are one, where artisans share their traditions and Mexico is known all over the world. At the same time our artisans and their products are valued and fairly remunerated for their valuable cultural contribution.

What We do ?

  • Directly promote and support the work of Mexican artisans
  • Avoid that due to lack of consumption, artisans put aside their cultural contribution by taking other types of jobs
  • Sell ​​products directly from artisan producers without intermediaries.
  • Pay fair prices that the artisans themselves establish.


Love | Respect | Collaboration | Solidarity

  • Love: For Mexico, for its indigenous roots and for the people who represent and promote the Mexican culture.
  • Respect: For the culture, for the artisans and their work.
  • Collaboration: Maintain close relationships with artisans socially, creatively and economically.
  • Solidarity: Dignified support to Mexican indigenous communities.


Your purchase support artisans, their crafts & families.

Help us tell their story.