Since she was a little girl, Lilia has visited her family's pueblitos in Hidalgo and Tlaxcala, Mexico and supported her friends who are artisans in-person. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, however, she had been unable to check in on family and support the beautiful work she grew up surrounded by. Through international messaging and hours of labor, Lilia has been able to collaborate with these Mexican artisans to amplify their stories and handmade items during the pandemic. 

Mi Mundo Mexicano is a small collective made of love, sincerity and care by Lilia, the artists whose work is featured here, and those who support her tireless efforts to maintain shop, ship, coordinate, and much more. Every artisan or small collective who contributes to the shop is named and properly credited, as well as featured here to celebrate their beautiful craft. 

Artisans and their stories

Daniel, Chiapas

Daniel and his brother handtool their leather items in their home workshop in Chiapas, Mexico.

Women's Collective, Santo Tomas Jalieza

A pueblito collective mostly made up of Indigenous women. Many of the daughters learn their craft from their mothers.

Dafne Paz, State of Mexico

Dafne makes handmade jewelry and specializes in polymer creations. Her work is notable for its small details.

Women's Collective, San Juan Chamula, Chiapas

Tzotzil women work with wool in the backstrap loom technique, which they use to make beautiful handicrafts.

Rebeca Mendoza, Tenango de Doria Hidalgo

Rebeca, a young artist, specializes in Tenango hand-embroidered items, like jackets, totes, and masks.

Ana Elda, Guadalajara

Ana is a muralist who has been out of largescale during the pandemic. Her work can be viewed all over her hometown.

We have a direct and close relationship with the artisans, whose products are sold in this store. Many of the artisans live in communities where only indigenous languages ​​are spoken, but with the help of an interpreter and the language of love we have been able eliminate communication and geographical barriers. This translates in more opportunities for indigenous artisans to sell their products and maintain their culture and traditions intact.


That the culture and artisan traditions of Mexico remain and be known in all parts of the world, while artisans and their products are valued and fairly remunerated for their valuable cultural contribution.


  • Directly promote and support the work of Mexican artisans
  • Avoid that due to lack of consumption, artisans put aside their cultural contribution by taking other types of jobs
  • Sell ​​products directly from artisan producers without intermediaries.
  • Pay fair prices that the artisans themselves establish.


Love | Respect | Collaboration | Solidarity

  • Love: For Mexico, for its indigenous roots and for the people who represent and promote the Mexican culture.
  • Respect: For the culture, for the artisans and their work.
  • Collaboration: Maintain close relationships with artisans socially, creatively and economically.
  • Solidarity: Dignified support to Mexican indigenous communities.


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