Dia de Muertos Celebration: A Journey Through Mexican Tradition

México y Dia de los Muertos

In Mexico, Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a celebration that acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between life and death. This vibrant tradition is observed on November 1st and 2nd, during which it is believed that the spirits of the deceased return to their homes to reunite with their loved ones. Families create elaborate altars to welcome them, adorned with various elements that may vary by culture. These altars often include vibrant yellow marigold flowers, candles, photographs of the departed, intricately cut tissue-paper designs known as "papel picado," and offerings of food and beverages.

This unique holiday emphasizes the connection between the living and the departed, highlighting the importance of death within the cycle of life. It's a time of profound love and remembrance, bringing families together to share stories and honor their dearly departed. Dia de los Muertos is a colorful and magical celebration that truly captures the spirit of Mexican culture and tradition.

  • A little history of Dia de los Muertos
  • La ofrenda
  • November 1 (All Saints Day)
  • November 2 (All Souls Day)
  • November 3 (Concluding Candle)

A Brief History of Día de los Muertos

Death rituals have their origins in pre-Hispanic customs, as evidenced by murals, painted pottery, monuments, and artifacts. This rich history illustrates that the Day of the Dead finds its roots in the practices of indigenous peoples of the Americas. The tradition dates back over 3,000 years, with the Olmecs, Toltecs, Mixtecs, Zapotecs, Maya, and Aztecs all paying homage to the deceased.
The belief that those who have passed away remain alive in our memories is a continuous echo, occasionally growing louder. Death, as the ultimate answer to many of life's questions, is an integral part of existence. On this day, the living and the departed come together to underscore the significance of death within the circle of life. It's a celebration of life, a way to honor our departed loved ones, and connect with the bonds of our ancestors. It's a time when vibrant colors and magic are present.

La ofrenda

The offering is about sharing with the departed ones bread, salt, fruits, culinary delights, water, and, if they were adults, wine. Offering is about being close to our deceased to converse with their memory, with their life. The offering is the reconnection with a ritual that invokes memory.

Let's take a journey through the festive timeline:

🏵️November 1st- All Saints Day,

also known as the Day of the Innocents, is a time to honor those precious souls who left us too soon, especially children. It's the day to set up your altar with all the delicious offerings, including special treats for your dearly departed to enjoy. This day holds a special place in our hearts as we remember and celebrate the lives of young souls who have touched us deeply.

🏵️November 2 - All Souls Day

This is the moment when adult spirits are drawn by the aroma of cempasúchil flowers, the flickering veladoras, and the music you're playing in their honor. They gather to savor the offerings you've lovingly prepared and relish the stories of their lives, shared with warmth and laughter.

Also, on this day families visit cemeteries to honor their loved ones. During this visit, they decorate the graves with marigold flowers, share food, and play music as a way to accompany their departed.

🏵️November 3 - Concluding candle

It's time to light the final candle, burn copal, and bid a fond farewell to the spirits, allowing them to return to the after life until next year!



Día de Muertos is celebrated in Mexico with profound love and respect. While specific customs can vary depending on your region and culture, what truly matters is the warm embrace, honor, and fond memories we share for our dearly departed. Remember, there's no single 'correct' way to celebrate. Instead, we're excited to offer this guide as a resource to help you appreciate and honor the diverse traditions that make this holiday so extraordinary. Let's come together with open hearts and open minds to celebrate!